As promised….

And a little late, the magical, the wonderful, Adventures In Memphis! Since we are now 6 months (almost) after this trip, and I took no notes anywhere that I can find, I’m hazy on details. Forgive me. When last I

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Practice makes…

I found this on Twitter. It spoke to me. I identified with it, you might say.  It appears I saved it to my phone on August 6th. Because the interesting, creative work that I like best is using my camera,

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So one day my dad calls….

And says, “Hey, you ought to think about coming out this month.” So we did. After much discussion about Todd’s deployment dates and a quick decision that he could just as easily (in fact, easily-er) deploy from Knoxville, TN as

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  I look kinda goofy, but there’s an art to taking pictures while moving through water and holding a beer, I got it down now, so the next one will be better. 🙂

Who the heck…

When I post stuffs here, I tend to talk about my people as if everyone reading already knows them. So I figured it might be time to actually introduce you, at least to the people I usually travel with or

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